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February 14, 2011

Why “Why you should listen to librarians about copyright” is important

Filed under: copyright, librarianship — Frank Cervone @ 9:15 am

One of the major issues facing academic libraries today is how we demonstrate our relevancy. In this blog post, Why you should listen to librarians about copyright, Nancy Sims in her Copyright Librarian blog makes a number of important points that, while not explicitly posed as relevancy issues, are all directly related to demonstrating relevancy in today’s environment. What is particularly important about Nancy’s post is that it is based on actual research. While some may argue that the research is flawed because it is based on a convenience sample, nonetheless the research that was done demonstrates an important point, which is that librarians do tend to know more about copyright than teaching faculty and librarians can be very helpful when trying to navigate through the difficult issues related to the use of copyrighted material in courses and other educational environments.


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